About us

Bone Appetit Glenmore | Natural Dog Treats

We (Angie & Larry Ehrenholz) started Bone Appetit in 1998 out of love for our first dogs Amber & Holmes. We wanted the most healthy, natural treats for our fur babies, but couldn’t find any on the market back then. So we decided to make our own! Larry was an Executive Chef and between the two of us, came up with many different recipes for our pets. Amber and Holmes loved them and we knew if they liked them so would other dogs.

We baked and sold our natural and healthy treats to Pet Stores across B.C. from our house! They were a big hit with dogs and their owners. We soon realized that we had to open up a small retail outlet to sell our treats and the best holistic foods we could find. During that time our family grew to 4 dogs including Moose; a allergy challenged Harlequin Great Dane and Raven: a rescue Great Dane. The four of them were our taste tasters. Because of Moose’s allergies, it required us to create hypoallergenic treats which we could then offer in our bakery.

In the year 2000 we grew out of our small store and moved to the location we are at now today. A few years ago we had the opportunity to expand again, taking the space beside us and removing the wall so that we could build a first class grooming salon. Our original fur babies are now long gone, But our new fur babies, Foxy (border terrier), Gunnar (chocolate lab) and Ottis (German wire haired pointer) carry on the family tradition of quality control at our Bakery!

From all of us at Bone Appetit, Bakery for Dogs and Grooming Salon we invite you to come and see us today!